Monday, April 20, 2009

We need it 18,500 more times

The Obammessiah is getting press for directing his cabinet to cut costs by doing such things as bulk ordering office supplies. He had directed them to save $100 million dollars. Well it is a start I guess but with the Congressional Budget office saying that the deficit for FY 2009 is $1.85 trillion that would mean we would need to save that $100 million 18,500 times to balance the budget. And what is he talking about going line-by-line over the budget? Did we pass the line item veto while I wasn't looking? (I checked, we didn't) So he can go over it, but he only has two options sign it or not, and he damn well knows it and the media knows it, but thinks that the rubes (that's you and me) don't.

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