Sunday, April 12, 2009

Did he change his mind?

Obama twice approved force to rescue hostage.
Ok, good, but why twice? Did he rescind the first one, or not authorize the necessary level of force? I'm really curious about why he needed to do it twice.

I thought that meeting with the troops looked phony, and I was right.


I notice "The Paper of Record" (/sarc) had this slightly different account:

The Defense Department twice sought Mr. Obama's permission to use force to rescue Captain Phillips, most recently on Friday night, senior defense officials said. On Saturday morning, the president agreed, they said, if it appeared that the captain's life was in imminent danger.

I hate to say it, but for once the old gray trollop sounds more believable than the other account. OMG who'd have thunk it!!

Of course I would have preferred, "Try hard, very hard to prevent the Captain from being hurt but teach them a lesson that will give pause to any other idiots."

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