Monday, March 30, 2009

Daniel Hannan explains it all

OMG he's a possum!

John Woods, grad student at UT Austin is a possum!

As a sheepdog I have always been a firm believer in the sheep/wolf/sheepdog analogy and remember reading a study on chimpanzees that stated the varying flight/fight responses in a group helps ensure the group's survival because one of the responses would likely work even if the fighters just bought time for the fleeing to escape.

There were times when Woods thought that maybe he should get a gun."Then I learned pretty fast that wouldn't solve anything," said Woods, who is now a graduate student at UT. "The idea that somebody could stop a school shooting with a gun is impossible. It's reactive, not preventative."

I have a question. What school shootings were stopped without guns or the threat of guns? Either police or armed students, or armed school personnel, seem to be involved. Woods' inanity continues:

He figures a classroom shooting would be too sudden to stop, even if a student or teacher had a gun."Everything happens too quickly," Woods said. "You either play dead or you are dead."

Now I've been timed at less than a second from hands above my head to the first round of a double-tap hitting a pop-up target. Can he faint that quickly? Would it save him?

Either way a possum is just road kill.

Confederate Yankee sums it up nicely.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Atlas asked to leave

Even the Looters in Atlas Shrugged weren't dumb enough to do this. So in order to contend with this teensy problem, as well as these Gaia Worshipers, who is Hussein going to appoint to run GM? We have to keep in mind he appointed a tax cheat to run Treasury and give away a few trillion, and his superlative staff can't even organize an Easter egg hunt. I'm sure GM will get some washed up political hack with a law degree that can't count to 21 without taking off his pants. Wait! There is someone who knows all about the auto industry (/sarc) and will march to the beat of UAW's drums. I'm not sure about counting to 21 however.

Sunday's Thoughts

Now that we have the media's candidate safely elected, Time Ragazine can now publish this little piece.

And didn't the media sycophants tell us how much "world opinion" of us would be improved by putting their candidate in the White House? Who forgot to inform these people?

I thought the science was settled. These gadgets were going to help save the world and money too! That is why congress outlawed the alternative starting in 2012, right?

I used to complain about the "Lace Panties Brigade" at Foggy Bottom. But this lack of preparation by a Secretary of State can only be topped by this lack of historical knowledge, or maybe this lack of linguistic talent at State. Now this was not a mistake, but rather the nature of the left. The State Department has always thought that talking was the answer, while our opponents have always thought talking was to buy time to rest, recuperate, and rearm.