Friday, April 17, 2009

WDSU ex-reporterette "Nips"

CNN’s Susan Roesgen, who was known as "Nips" to the radio personalities in New Orleans due to a "wardrobe malfunction" while covering Mardi Gras parades in a Belly Dancer/Harem Girl costume for WDSU-TV, is now becoming known for beclowning herself at the Chicago Tea Party by trying to shout Obamessiah talking points over the person she was supposed to be trying to interview. In the first video below you will see a little more of that scene with additional video when a crowd member lays into her for her obvious bias in trying to slant the report:

Now look at her report on a much smaller, obviously more to her liking, gathering:

And if you need a further example, from when she was still in New Orleans:

Michael Graham of the Boston Herald had this to say about "Nips".

The people that have relied on Rent-a-Mobs from ACORN, ANSWER, MORON (MoveOn), and other bought and paid for subsidiaries of the Democrat Party and George Sor@ss can not believe that real unpaid citizens might actually have been lulled from their stupor to express their thoughts about what is happening.

Jimmy Carter's four years of budgets caused what was named Stagflation. In four years a $100 price increased to $149 by inflation alone and wages did not keep up. And his budgets did not represent anything near the percent of the money supply that the Obammessiah's do. It's time to start studying the Weimar Republic or perhaps the history of Zimbabwe economics is more parallel.

In other news we find that the new "Auto Czar" is being investigated by the SEC for arranging illegal kickbacks to the brother of New York state's pension fund manager while he was working as a senior executive at an investment firm.

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