Saturday, April 04, 2009

The charade is unraveling

Even the most left-wing rag since Pravda is calling "bluff" on the oratory skills the teleprompter reader.

The First Lady of France gives him a cool reaction.

Geithner was hailed before the credit derivative melt down for "making derivatives trade more efficiently". Now he blames a "lack of supervision" for the problem. He was the one suposed to be supervising. Another left-wing rag has noticed.

NATO says no to the Obammessiah. Wasn't his election supposed to enthrall our European "allies"?

This story tells of the ham-fisted kleptocrat warning bankers that he is their protection from the mob with the pitchforks. But then this story and this story may indicate that the kleptocrat is misreading at whom those pitchforks are aimed.

Has buyer's remorse set in yet? Or at least the feeling in the "hype and chains" folks that they have been had?

And finally, the real tragedy at Binghamton.

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