Friday, May 01, 2009

Role Reversal explains it all

Redstate has an article up today that relates an overheard conversation in a bookstore as a reflection of what a liberal (today's version, not classical) means when it says it loves America. The most telling part of the conversation is that it is a sexual role reversal for those of us that have held to the concept of "A man marries wanting his wife to never change, a woman marries with plans to change her husband." Of course, that too may have a political bent.

Click this sentence to read the full article, an excerpt:

The reality is, though, that ponytail wanted something else. He didn’t love his wife for what she was. In this he is a perfect reflection of the American left. They don’t love America for what it is. They love their own ideas of what they want America to be. Not what she is.

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