Thursday, May 28, 2009

How Fedicare will "save" Medicare

The reason that the Obamatrons are going to take over healthcare is to get the general populace to accept rationing of healthcare to seniors. The statistics show that in the last year of life medicare expenditures average five and one half times the average of all other years. If everyone is in the same rationing pool, then the government will be able to sell their wisdom of cutting off care to those persons whose healthcare costs are starting to show the upward spiral that the computerized records indicate the beginning of the terminal year. Then the government's line will be, "It's for the children. Would you take funds from them just to extend a senior citizen's life six or seven months? You heartless bastard?" In reality it will be the government's thirst for dollars for vote buying and cronyism.

Of course the government will not allow their decisions to be litigated. I can see delays taking well past the day of death and the law written that heirs have no standing as plaintiffs.

I read recently that fraud in the medicare system was pegged at 31% of total expeditures. Maybe the government needs to hire some people from those evil insurance companies' audit departments. No insurance company could survive at that rate and the taxpayer shouldn't have to pay that as well as the overhead costs, like all government versus private industry costs are well over what they should be.

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