Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday's Thoughts

Now that we have the media's candidate safely elected, Time Ragazine can now publish this little piece.

And didn't the media sycophants tell us how much "world opinion" of us would be improved by putting their candidate in the White House? Who forgot to inform these people?

I thought the science was settled. These gadgets were going to help save the world and money too! That is why congress outlawed the alternative starting in 2012, right?

I used to complain about the "Lace Panties Brigade" at Foggy Bottom. But this lack of preparation by a Secretary of State can only be topped by this lack of historical knowledge, or maybe this lack of linguistic talent at State. Now this was not a mistake, but rather the nature of the left. The State Department has always thought that talking was the answer, while our opponents have always thought talking was to buy time to rest, recuperate, and rearm.

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