Friday, May 26, 2006

Is the NYT better than Murtha?

In a New York Times article published today, it quotes several sources to claim that while the investigation is not complete and while, “All of those who discussed the case had to be granted anonymity before they would talk about the findings emerging from the investigation”, several marines are likely to be charged with murder.

I sort of hate to come to the conclusion that I actually believe the NYT more than I believed Murtha when he was spouting off about this, but actually the NYT has written a less inflammatory if just as damning accusation. At least they are couching their terms more as we have come to expect of a liberal newspaper talking about criminals. At least they leave some room for the investigation to conclude.

That makes me ask, if we assume that Murtha were briefed officially before he took to the podium, why couldn’t he have behaved at least as well as the NYT? If he were briefed, he had to know what was coming, so, was he charging to the front of the hounds to yell “follow me!” and appear to be a leader? Was he trying to imply that only by his breaking the news would the investigation be made public? Or was it just the typical politician’s appetite for face time? Any ideas out there?

BTW, Calley should have fried. And so should any marines guilty of murder.

P.S. The campaign site for Murtha’s challenger is here.

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