Friday, October 07, 2005

Al Qaeda Has A Plan

From The Strategy Page

Al Qaeda has a plan, and it’s been published in a book (Al-Zarqawi: al Qaeda's Second Generation) by Jordanian journalist, Fouad Hussein. Several al Qaeda leaders were interviewed for the book, including al Qaeda’s man in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The book is only available in Arabic, but it does lay out a very straightforward strategy for world conquest. Actually, it sounds a lot like what the nazis and communists had in mind last century. The only difference is that, while the nazis killed you for who you were, and the communists killed you for what you believed,al Qaeda kills you for religious differences. No matter which zealot gets you, you're still dead.

According to Fouad Hussein, al Qaeda has a seven phase plan for world conquest. It goes like this.

Phase 1, the “wakeup call.” Spectacular terrorist attacks on the West (like September 11, 2001) get the infidels (non-Moslems) to make war on Islamic nations. This arouses Moslems, and causes them to flock to al Qaedas banner. This phase is considered complete.

Phase 2, the “eye opening.” This is the phase we are in, where al Qaeda does battle with the infidels, and shows over a billion Moslems how it’s done. This phase is supposed to be completed by next year.

Phase 3, “the rising.” Millions of aroused (in a terrorist sense) Moslems go to war against Islam’s enemies for the rest of the decade. Especially heavy attacks are made against Israel. It is believed that major damage in Israel will force the world to acknowledge al Qaeda as a major power, and negotiate with it.

Phase 4, “the downfall.” By 2013, al Qaeda will control the Persian Gulf, and all its oil, as well as most of the Middle East. This will enable al Qaeda to cripple the American economy, and American military power.

Phase 5, “the Caliphate.” By 2016, the Caliphate (one government for all Moslem nations) will be established. At this point, nearly all Western cultural influences will be eliminated from Islamic nations. The Caliphate will organize a mighty army for the next phase.
Phase 6, “world conquest.” By 2022, the rest of the world will be conquered by the righteous and unstoppable armies of Islam. This is the phase that Osama bin Laden has been talking about for years.

Phase 7, “final victory.” All the world’s inhabitants will be forced to either convert to Islam, or submit (as second class citizens) to Islamic rule. This will be completed by 2025 or thereabouts.

Nothing really new in all this. Al Qaeda has been talking openly about this (the global Islamic state) for years. These Islamic terrorists are true believers. God is on their side, and they believe all obstacles will be swept aside by the power of the Lord. Will al Qaeda’s plan work? Ask the nazis and communists.


shingles said...

Couple thoughts.

First, I wonder about the provenance of such an item (interviews w/Al Qaeda "leaders")- ie., whether or not these are actually fake.

Second, if they're not fake then there's allways the bluster factor. For example, when I was a child or when I was drinking I used to talk about all the things I was going to do...someday...things that I never actually got around to doing.

Third, the Nazis and Communists happened to control REAL countries with REAL resources - there was some serious economic and military might behind them. I simply don't see the comparison. Desire is not the same as capability. That doesn't mean there's no threat there; clearly there IS a threat. Just that thinking of them as the second coming of the nazis isn't really accurate.

Richard said...

When Hitler wrote "Mein Kampf" he was in jail and didn't have the wherewithal to put his plan in action. Later he was able to put entirely too much of his plan in action. You have to wonder if his writing had not been dismissed as the rantings of a madman but as a warning, how much of European suffering in WWII could have been avoided.
As far as this plan, I have my doubts about phase one being completed yet.
Phase two, judging by al-Zarqawi's recent video doesn't seem to be doing much either.
But they do have a plan and if they can get it on track, it will hurt.

shingles said...

By 2022, the rest of the world will be conquered by the righteous and unstoppable armies of Islam.

Just goes to show how much these fundies (of the Islamic variety) have their heads up their...

I've only heard up to Phase 5.
Phase 6 and 7 are new to me.
And frankly, kind of silly.
Its almost like they threw that in there as a joke, cause neither phase is ever going to happen.

With regards to Hitler.
True, he had a plan from the start.
But he also was able to tap into the resentment and anger on the part of the German population. In addition, he also received support from German corporations, without which he would never have ended up in power.

So, the similarities are there.
But up to a point.

I just don't see the "existential" nature of the threat like there was with either Germany or Communism (though people on the both left and right have argued against whether or not their respective existential threats really existed, but I digress...). Doesn't mean there's not a threat - just that our freedom is not at stake. Unless, of course we willingly give it up...

Right now, the best thing we can do is to focus on decapitating the leadership.

The rest we can argue about.