Friday, September 30, 2005

Women in White Houses

I just assumed that “Commander in Chief” was to be a Hillary ’08 campaign piece, and as such didn’t even bother. Seems as though I was correct.

Ben Johnson writes in,
'Last night, “Commander in Chief” portrayed conservatives as ruthless, power-hungry, militaristic, Bible-thumping, sexist bigots.
The New Republic observed, “the show's partisan bias is comically unsubtle.”’

John Fund in his piece writes,
“Mr. Lurie insists that red-state viewers need not shun the show. He admits that he "can't write to a belief system that I can't swallow myself," but he says that he has hired some conservative writers to make up for his deficit. Not that a balanced approach was evident at last week's series-celebrating parties, in Washington and New York, hosted by the feminist White House Project.”
“Mr. Lurie acknowledges that his TV series is a direct descendant of his film "The Contender," which starred Joan Allen as a Democratic senator who becomes a piñata for conservatives during her confirmation hearings to replace a deceased vice president. This movie was such an egregiously crude version of the "virtuous liberal vs. conservative slime-ball" genre that Gary Oldman, one of the movie's stars, called it "a piece of propaganda" designed to help Al Gore.”

However the Instawife(Dr Helen) has an interesting take on it here.

UPDATE: A castmember heard from.
UPDATE VIDEO: Real Media or Windows Media

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